To be held on Saturday 5th September 2020 at Hemyock Parish Hall EX15 3QW


9 – 10.30am Exhibits to be staged.  10.30am closed for judging.  2pm Show open for viewing.  3.30pm Raffle and presentation of Trophies

Entries to John Scantlebury 01823 681 393 Shoebrooks, Aschulm, EX15 3SU.   Email entries to or leave at Hemyock Post Office.   Please note entries will not be accepted after Thursday 3rd September.


12.45pm Ploughman’s lunch in Forbes Lounge £6 each.

  • 1.Potatoes – same variety, any shape or colour
  • 2.Runner Beans – six pods
  • 3.French Beans – six pods
  • 4.Carrots – three long or intermediate
  • 5.Carrots – three of any other type
  • 6.Parsnips – two
  • 7.Onions – three grown from sets
  • 8.Onions – three grown from seed
  • 9.Shallots – dish of six pickling, under 25mm (1”)
  • 10.Shallots – dish of six
  • 11.Beetroot – three round, same colour
  • 12.Tomatoes – dish of five
  • 13.Tomatoes – Cherry type, dish of five
  • 14.Lettuce – two heads
  • 15.Cabbage – two heads
  • 16.Cucumber – two, frame or house grown
  • 17.Spring Onions – Salad, six
  • 18.Marrows – one pair
  • 19.Two of any other vegetable not mentioned above
  • 20.Open to Non-Members: Selection of home grown garden produce arranged in a trug                                                                      – maximum longest length 508mm (20”)
  • 21.Culinary Herbs – three in a jar, all different
  • 22.Dish of Soft Fruit – nine individual fruits
  • 23.Apples – four culinary
  • 24.Apples – four dessert
  • 25.Four of any fruit – not mentioned above
  • 26.Fruit Basket – a selection of home grown fruit arranged in a basket – maximum longest length 305mm (12”)

  • 27.French Marigolds – five blooms
  • 28.Dahlias – Pom Pom, under 52mm, three blooms
  • 29.Dahlias – Ball, under 115mm, three blooms
  • 30.Dahlias – Decorative, three blooms
  • 31.Dahlias – Cactus/Semi Cactus, three blooms
  • 32.Dahlias – Any other type not mentioned above, three blooms
  • 33.Chrysanthemums – Vase of three blooms
  • 34.Chrysanthemums – Vase of three natural sprays
  • 35.Asters – Vase of three single blooms
  • 36.Asters – Vase of three double blooms
  • 37.Gladioli – Vase with one spike
  • 38.Rose – Hybrid Tea/Bush, three stems, one or more variety
  • 39.Rose – Floribunda/Cluster, three stems, one or more variety
  • 40.Rose – one bloom, any variety
  • 41.Vase – five stems of roses, any variety, any colour one?
  • 42.Vase of Herbaceous Perennials – Five stems, one variety
  • 43.Vase of Herbaceous Perennials – Five stems, all different
  • 44.Vase of Flowering Shrubs – Three stems, one variety
  • 45.Vase of Flowering Shrubs – Three stems, all different
  • 46.Vase of three Berried Stems – one or more varieties
  • 47.Vase of Annuals – Five stems, all different
  • 48.Vase of Pansies or Violas – five blooms
  • 49.Vase of Hydrangea – three blooms, any variety, any colour
  • 50.Fuchsia Flowers – six mounted on a board (to be provided) not less than three varieties
  • 51.Flowering Begonia – pot size not to exceed 266mm (10.5”) inside
  • 52.Fuchsia – any variety, pot size as above
  • 53.Pelargonium – pot size as above
  • 54.Flowering Pot Plant – excludes Classes 51-53 and Orchids, pot size as above
  • 55.Foliage Pot Plant – excludes any Fern, pot size as above
  • 56.Cactus or Succulent – One, any variety, pot size as above
  • 57.Members Competition: Begonia supplied by HGA, any pot size
  • 58.Open to Non-Members: Vase of flowers arranged for affect, minimum five varieties, maximum  12 stems


All the Floral Art classes are Exhibits and may utilise natural plant material with or without accessories.  Accessories include shells, feathers, stones, candles etc.

  • 59.Woodland An exhibit to celebrate 100 years of the Forestry Commission: 57cm x 57cm, height optional (This would allow the use of bark, moss and berries as well as foliage)
  • 60. Wellington an exhibit in a boot To commemorate 200 years since  the birth of the Duke of Wellington Space available: 57cm x 57cm, height optional)
  • 61. Tropical Paradise  An exhibit to be stages on a table  70cm x 50cm, height optional. To be viewed all round.
  • 62 Tea Time – An exhibit Space available 17cm x 17cm 






  • 63. Victoria Sandwich – Maximum 8″ diameter
  • 64Jar of Blackcurrent Jam
  • 65 Homity Pie, recipe supplied
  • 66.Rock Cakes – three on a plate
  • 67Elderflower Cordial



Class 65, Homity Pie Recipe

from Cranks cook book



10oz/300g shortcrust pastry

3/4lb/350g potatoes

1lb/450g onions

3 tablespoons of oil

1oz/25g of butter or margarine

1.2 oz/15g chopped parsley

4oz/100g grated cheese

2 crushed garlic cloves

1 tbsp milk

Salt and pepper to taste.



Preheat oven to 220C/gas mark 7. 

Roll out pastry and line 8”/20cm flan dish

Peel and cut the potatoes. 

Boil potatoes until tender.

Chop the onions then sauté in the oil until really soft.

Combine the potatoes and onions add the butter, parsley, 2oz (50g) cheese, garlic, milk and season to taste. 

Cool then fill the pastry case. 

Sprinkle remaining cheese and bake in the oven at 220C or gas mark 7 for 25 – 30 mins.



As its Cranks the recipe suggest using wholemeal pastry  but it works just as well with plain shortcrust.


To be held for one year

Please ensure that all cups are returned polished and dusted to the Show Secretary by Thursday 5th September

William Pike Cup – 2018: Karen Pinder

Awarded for the most points in classes 1-58 inclusive

St Ivel ‘Gold Cup’ – 2018: Colin Mitchell

Awarded for the most points in Vegetable classes

HGA Shield – 2018: Susan Hollow

Awarded for the best exhibit of Perennials Classes 42/43

G & P Pring Rosebowl – 2018: Hazel Partridge

Awarded for the best exhibit in Rose Classes

Carnival Salver – 2018: Hazel Partridge

Awarded for the best exhibit in Dahlia Classes

William Griffiths Cup – 2018: Bob Hawkes

Awarded for the best Pot Plant

Clayhidon W.I. Trophy – 2018: Gillian Hawkes

Awarded for the most points in the Culinary Classes

Eden Cup – 2018: Monica Smith

Awarded for the most points gained in the Floral Arts classes

Gwen Lowman Cup – 2018: Monica Smith

Awarded for the best exhibit in the Floral Arts Classes

Tony Spiller Trophy – 2018: Trish Slater

Awarded for the Best Vegetable in Show

£5 prize – 2018: Hazel Partridge & Jane Smith

Awarded for the winners of classes 20 and 58