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  1. What plant takes it name from the Italian phrase for beautiful women?
  2. Which grain is used to make semolina?
  3. Which television presenter and gardener owns a garden in Herefordshire called Longmeadow?
  4. Whose garden did the Beatles sing about?
  5. Which garden in the Cotswolds is notable for its miles of sculptured hedges?
  6. Which wild flower, widespread in the UK, if touched causes a serious chemical reaction, which make skin hypersensitive to ultraviolet light?
  7. Names a fruity song by the Stanglers
  8. Which kings lived at Kew Palace at Kew Gardens?
  9. Soil can be acidic, alkaline or what?
  10. The spice, saffron, comes from which flower?
  11. Which insects did Adam sing with?
  12. Where is the biggest tree in the world, giant sequoia, found?
  13. RHS holds a flower show at Tatton park, what county is it in?
  14. What plant is used in the treatment of Leukemia?
  15. What yellow flowering tree is poisonous?
  16. What is a whip?
  17. On what continent did broccoli originate?
  18. What herb beginning with A has soothing properties?
  19. Who designed the Blue Peter garden in 1974?
  20. True or false Ericaceous plants like acid soil.
  21. Roughly how many varieties of avocado are there? 5,50,500 or 5,000.
  22. True or false Chelsea is Britain’s largest flower show.
  23. How long does if take to produce asparagus the first time you plant it?
  24. What is the definition of a deciduous tree?
  25. An Allotment is traditionally measured in rods or poles. 10 rods or poles is the accepted size of an allotment.  What is 10 rods/poles equivalent to in square metres?
  26. The following are varieties of pear and apples, do you know which is a pear or an apple. Pitmaston Duchess, Crawley Beauty Beurre Hardy. Peasgood Nonsuch,
  27. Are Cyclamens corms or bulbs?
  28. When is the best time to take semi-hardwood cuttings of roses.
  29. The climbing plant Actinidia has a common name.  What is it?
  30. What are the pink fungal spots often found on the surface of branches called?

    31   name this flower

32. name this flower

33. name this flower



  1. belladonna, 2 wheat, 3 Monty Don, 4, Octopus, 5 Hidcote, 6 Giant Hogweed, 7 Peaches, 8 George II and George III, 9 neutral, 10 crocus, 11 ants, 12 californis USA, 13 Cheshire, 14 Vinca – periwinkle, 15 Laburnum, 16 young seedling or grafted tree without branches, 17 Europe, 18 Aloe Vera, 19 percy Thrower, 20 True, 21 500, 22alse,hampton court is 23 2 – 3 years, 24 sheds leaves in autumn, 25 250 square metres, 26 pear, apple, pear, apple,  27 corms 28 late summer, 29 chinese gooseberry, 30 coral spot. 31Tithonia, 32 Gloxinia, 33  Clivia